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Tower Storage Units

Wooden Tower Storage

Wooden Tower Storage Units

Crafted from sustainable Redwood our tower storage units boast a modular design which can be easily modified. Constructed from our drop front crates you can even build your own. Featuring a drop fronted panel securing contents they offer quick and easy access. You can quickly and easily store items away for neat, clutter free rooms. With a selection of classic rustic or painted finishes these tower storage units or storage towers are a perfect addition to any office or bedroom.

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How modifiable are the storage towers? Can I choose my own colours for example?

6 crate multicoloured painted tower storage unit 500x370x1564Yes you can! Above are a selection we’ve put together based on the most popular colours, however that range is ever increasing as people have broader and broader tastes.

You can build exactly what you want by simply choosing your own drop front crate and selecting the additional “stacker” add-on. In this way  you can choose any colour you wish and even select the incredibly popular two tone drop front option.

You can create any combination of tower storage to suit your designs and taste.