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Two Tone Crates

Two Tone Crates

Two Tone Multi Coloured Crates | Bursting with Colour

We developed the original two tone crates with a technique that allows us to create this unique look in the multi coloured crates. These beautifully eye catching two colour crates make for glorious displays both at home or in a commercial environment. With a classic rustic brown on the outside and the inside literally bursting with colour these colourful two tone crates are sure to impress.

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Can you stack two tone crates?

Two Tone Crate DisplayYes – all crates are stackable. You can choose the stacking option which allows them to interlock more securely when they’re stacked. You can also stack them on their sides for a glorious display as seen in the image.

If you are creating a tall display on their sides exposing their colours from within it would be worth using a few screws to hold them more securely or you can browse our pre made two tone crate displays here

Are there any combinations that work better when stacked on their sides?

Yes! The 600mm and 300mm long crates work best together however with a bit of creativity using the 500mm can help create a random layout with useful gaps in between crates.

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Can I choose the colour for my crate?

In short yes you can. If your desired colour is not satisfied within our standard colour range we can colour match for the crate. There may be a an additional charge as we source the paint colour however we like to think anything is possible to create your very own multi coloured crate.