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Crate Walls

Beautifully Colourful  Crate Walls

Our Crate wall system features beautiful handcrafted wooden crates. These crate walls are perfect both in a home environment or as a shop or bakery display.

Our modular Crate Wall system is crafted from sustainable Redwood. It has been designed to offer a versatile, modular solution for in-store display. It works equally well in both a commercial display environment or at home.

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So how does the Crate Wall System Work?

Very simply is the short answer. The 600mm and 300mm long crates very easily stack on their sides in a regular fashion. Here we have premade a number of combinations that work particularly well. They provide a very efficient use of space.

Can they be use as room dividers and partitions?

Long Rustic Brown Crate Wall

Again the short answer is yes. Not only do they use space efficiently but they can be used to make use of space efficiently. When on casters they can be easily manoeuvred around to change the layout of rooms. They can help with social distancing in cafes and other retail environments. They can be used to quickly and easily close off sections in an attractive and non intrusive manner – essentially they are incredibly versatile.