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All About Crates & Boxes

Who are Crates & Boxes?

Crates & Boxes is essentially a team of highly skilled artisan craftsman handmaking beautiful sustainable wooden products in the UK.

Crates & Boxes was the inspiration of Ligneus Products Ltd, the leading sustainable UK manufacturer of all things wooden.

Ligneus Products Limited

Crates and boxes have always proved popular, their timeless designs are as useful today as they have been over the centuries.

Their increasing popularity demanded a greater focus to deliver to what customers wanted – Crates and Boxes was born!

Interior Design

Beautiful at home

The range of colours and designs we have make these perfect for storage and display at home. Our crates and boxes can deliver both shabby chic and contemporary styling.


Eye catching shop displays

The versatility of our crates and boxes offer the perfect showground for displaying your merchandise. Match your branding and chop and change at will.

Anything possible

Limited only by imagination

The versatility of our crates and boxes means that all aspects of their design can be changed to suit. From the size to the finishing. The finishing can be anything from rustic to painted, from print to text, we’d love to hear your ideas.