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Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates

Classic Vintage Wooden Crates

Whether its rustic, vintage or contemporary our versatile our wooden crates offer an incredible range of functions. Often known as vintage apple crates we offer them with a wide variety of ad ons so you can tailor them to suit your exact needs. Read more about crates below

What’s in a crate?

Pretty much anything you can think of? The versatility of the humble traditional vintage wooden crate is quite incredible. From a choice of finishes to the size and shape you can tailor the perfect crate for your needs.

What’s the difference between a crate and a box?

They both offer similar functionalities however in general a crate has slatted sides.

What are your crates made from?

Our crates are made from sustainably sourced redwood so not only are they a design that has stood the test of time but their ecological credentials are set for a long time yet.

Can I use the crates at work?

Yes in fact these crates find their origins as the work horses of the past. Traditionally known as apple crates they were built to be robust for use time after time. To this day they are still used for storage and transport and their classic look lends itself ideally as a display in a retail environment. So yes the crates are equally useful at work as they are in the home.

So what else can I use the crates for?

Crates can be used for a multitude of purposes from storage to display in both a domestic or commercial environment

They be found storing heirlooms and bric-a-brac in the loft to tins and packets of food in the larder. They can be used in a display capacity with or without the drop front shape. Their rustic look lends itself very well to a shabby chic style or painted for a colourful jolly expression.

Our favourite crates in all their shapes and sizes

Frampton Green Two Tone Crate 500x370x250

Two Tone Crates

Frampton Green Painted Crate 600x370x250

Painted Crates

Standard Rustic Crate 500x370x250

Rustic Crates

Orange colour burst drop front crate 500x370x250

Drop Front Crates

Shallow Rustic Crate 500x370x165

Shallow Crates

Printed Mixed Vegetable Crate 500x370x250

Printed Crates

Standard Rustic Mid Panel Black Board Crate 500x370x250

Black Board Crates

What crate ideas do you have?

If you have some ideas on a crate do let us know we’re always keen to hear new ones and love developing them.